When things happen that are beyond your control!

We all have those days when life throws us a curve ball and we have to come up with an answer urgently, this week we had to pull a rabbit out of the hat when we needed an emergency replacement for our guest speaker at our Inspire & Connect event.

When we started our networking event last April it was a step outside our comfort zone.  It was something we wanted to do to bring local businesses together in a social environment so people could relax, enjoy a tea or coffee and some food whilst meeting other local companies and sole traders.  It's also nothing to do with accountancy!

Each time we have tried to think of interesting and unusual speakers to come and give an overview of the career path they have forged and how they have ended up in the job or role they currently pursue.

We learnt a lot from our first event and now we offer what we hope is a truly local and bespoke experience.  Miranda Jenkins from Business Skills Studio and Skills to Go has been with us from the beginning and is an expert at getting everyone to speak to as many different people in the room as possible. Miranda is a pleasure to work with and her success speaks for itself as she gets everyone to engage whilst also making them feel comfortable with the tasks she sets out so that they can get as much from our events as possible.

This week due to family illness we had to find a *star* guest speaker at short notice.  Fiona Day from D3 Active and Forever Living was exceptionally kind and stepped in to give us a really interesting overview of her career which covered working with The Camel Trophy & G4 Challenge, News International and her own company D3 Active before also taking on a role with Forever Living.  It just goes to show that in our local community there are some fascinating people who have worked in very diverse arenas and whose work and life history can really make us think about the choices we are currently making or might make in the future.  

As we heard, Fiona definitely had a focus from her first two jobs which made her make different decisions when running her own company with her husband.  By sharing the ups and downs with the people they hired it sounds like they found the perfect balance ensuring staff loyalty as they all took the rough and the smooth together.  This also impacted the way they responded to their clients when they too had tricky times to negotiate but the relationships they have built along the way seem to have paid dividends in making them the success they are today.

Fiona has now started a business in network marketing with Forever Living as she saw the opportunity it gave her to help anyone start their own business as well as using her experience to coach and mentor people to become their own boss.

This was our fourth event and our next event will be the anniversary of starting this endeavour.  As always we look forward to brining you another guest speaker and we will be making an announcement as soon as we have the booking in place.  Fingers crossed there will be no last minute changes!

Inspire and Connect 10/01/17


Our next event will be at No3 Restaurant, Ross on Wye on the 28th March 2017 from 8.45am-10.45am.  Advance tickets are available by clicking the button below!  Come along and you will meet new people and learn things you didn't expect to!