My 'Snow' Fear Guide For Business Start-Ups.


I sat down with my Sunday tea of boiled eggs, toast and cakes and switched on to Ski Sunday. Tuning into the Giant Slalom I started to yell support to the Swiss Skier flying down the slope as I watched the seconds ticking away. This is so nostalgic for me, and I’m thinking for so many others who may also warmly recall hunkering down with favourite Sunday tea and armchair ski’s on!

For those of you lucky enough to be heading to the slopes in the next few months I am sure you have done extensive research, perhaps increased your exercise regime to get ‘ski fit’ and ensured you have the right kit for your trip. Having done the research you will be able to relax in the knowledge that the resort you have chosen suits your needs.

I would like to have some fun by applying ski language to some business advice….Forgive me for any tedious links! beep beep beeeeeeeep……

Ski School: So, for those embarking on setting up a business (more than 500,000 a year, many don’t survive) you will need a good business plan, a good brand, a good name and knowledge of your competitors. You’ll have to understand the costs of setting up and introduce a plan of how you will manage your finances. There’s no point in getting to this stage if you haven’t followed the right sequence…Can you imagine the look on the ski instructors face if you rock up in your woolly yeti slippers, hanging onto your après ski drink and using your crash helmet as a container for your snacks?

Piste/Trail marker: Once we have set off we need to understand the boundaries, to be aware of where the edge is. We can do this by using regular meetings to focus and keep us in track of our business goals and targets. An excellent way is by using networking forums and by seeking the expertise and advice of a dynamic, forward thinking, goal setting Accountant. (Huh hum).

Whiteout: In fear of clouding your judgement, you will need to ensure that you employ the right Accountant to suit your needs. You will need someone who is willing to give you complete visibility of your accounts, they will be ready to advise you of the path that awaits you and if you are receiving too much information, which can result in a fog and an inability to see where you are heading, you will be reassured that you can trust them to help you out the other side.

Mogul: I am not saying that if you do the above you’ll have a superbly smooth uninterrupted ride down the fall line. You will most certainly encounter some bumpy terrain. If you have such things as a strategy in place these bumps will be easier to navigate over. If you have formed a good communication network with your Accountant, your staff members, your family, you will ride the bumps with little impact to yourself and to your business.

My advice would be to adopt your ‘dynamic stance’ (knees bent and flexible, placed slightly apart, in line with your hips, head raised and eyes focused on the area in front of you. This stance helps you to maintain your balance as you go along) this will enable you to cope with the ever changing terrain. By all means freestyle, explore, be creative and try out new methods, but remain mindful of the safety net and don’t venture off piste until you know you are ready to.

Finally, enjoy the experience of the journey and don’t forget to celebrate your achievements with an Après ski drink or two! .....One day you may be a respected business 'Mogul' ( apologies for that one).

I would love to hear your analogies and comments.

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