Motivated By The Marathon?

How do you set yourself business goals?... Where do you start?...

I tuned in to watch the brilliant London Marathon last Sunday.  Full to the brim with admiration for every runner out on the course.  I have never run a marathon, but I have closely supported people who have.  I've had the pleasure of experiencing the exhilarating atmosphere whilst standing among the cheering crowds.  I know how much work goes into the planning and preparation beforehand.  The physical and the psychological training.  I have seen firsthand the result of poor preparation, resulting in a disappointing outcome and injury and I have witnessed the joy of a successfully run marathon.

The training methods and theories can apply to goal setting in business.  Personally, I am more likely to stick to a ‘training plan’ than a dull list of business objectives.

  • Get my head in gear. Understand what I need to do and why I am doing it.  In this new tax year, review last year, action lessons learnt.
  • Visualise the outcome… the finishing line...  Get the financial targets in place, set the objectives and ensure they are realistic and achievable with justifiable costings.
  • Get your training program set up – your routine...  Time management is key here.  Spread out the various tasks and prioritise.  Set small goals to begin with and build this up as you start to feel more confident and competent.  Remember to stick to your plan.
  • Get rid of the negative inner noise, the doubt.  Surround yourself with a capable team.  Involve yourself with networking groups, seminars, clubs that encourage and give perspective and help motivate.  Utilise  free platforms and social media for advice and sharing tips.
  • Look up from your feet! – Take a look around, use your peripheral vision. When we get stressed we tend to dwell on things that may not be there.  Tune back into your business goal.  Are you heading in the right direction?  Look at your competitors, how are they doing?  Ensure you are looking after your health as well as your business.  Schedule in the things you love to do.  Make time!
  • Enjoy the process, the route may be undulating so remind yourself why you are doing it, what your end goal is, and give yourself well deserved treats along the way.

If you need help getting a strategy together, would like to know more about accounting software and training, or need a business health check please do get in touch.

I can work outside of office hours if this helps fit in with your schedule and coach you through tricky financial jargon.