Meet the speaker...

Our guest speaker for our January 10th meet up in the Inspire & Connect series is Sue Thomas of Functional Nutrition Formula.  Sue has attended our previous events so it will be great to know more about her company and her reasons for her focus on nutrition as well as discovering her previous roles that inspired her new business choices.

Functional Nutrition Formula is a no-fluff, straightforward nutritional advice and coaching programme.  This is accompanied with online support to help a client achieve the best possible health.  Small and easy to follow adjustments to a clients lifestyle can make a huge difference in terms of energy, sleep, productivity and also weight loss.

Sue is a nutrition expert and fitness industry professional of over twelve years standing, whose first-hand experience helped her to identify the need for easily accessible, always available practical support for individuals to help them transform their health.

Inspire & Connect is at No3 Restaurant in Ross on Wye on the 10th January 2017 from 8.45am-10.45am.  Tickets are £15 via the PayPal button below....

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