Are You Missing Your Windfall This Year?

What does Autumn mean to you? Have you been lucky enough to walk outside and enjoy the smell of apples in the air? Kick up the fallen leaves and notice the increased activity of surrounding farms?

I am lucky enough to have this all around me, and better still I do notice the changes, and appreciate the activity of harvest.

Generations of farmers will work side by side, they will use methods tried and tested and incorporate new innovations and ingenuity. Processes will have been meticulously followed and monitored throughout the year. They will have had to react to the uncertainty of the weather and the economic climate.

The relevance of this is that the processes followed in farming should be mirrored within every company.

  1. Can you identify your business needs?
  2. Is your business plan/ strategy working for you?
  3. How is your 5 year growth plan?
  4. When was the last time you looked at your business objectives or studied your KPI’s?

Need help to action this? Or get the business idea up and running?....For £150 I can give you 2 full hours, you’ll need to be armed with questions to get the most out of the time. 

It is very difficult to put things right retrospectively. As a forward thinking Accountant I am anxious to stress the importance of communication, regular business health checks and full visibility of the numbers.

So many small Ltd businesses get stung with 20% corporation tax. Let me help you work through the numbers and cash flow projection.

When you are totally absorbed by the general day to day running of your business you are bound to side step the tasks you most hate, or simply do not understand.

I can help! I love numbers…Not only do I love the number bit, I also love innovation, ideas and having been part of industry for well over a decade I understand the demands too.

Believe it or not I don’t like sitting in front of the computer in an office day in day out. I like to network, to meet inspirational people. My meetings can take place anywhere to suit my client. I believe if the environment is right then the information communicated will be better understood.